HAL/RAR® System
The (DG) HAL/RAR® System is the first system to utilize minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat the source of hemorrhoidal disease without surgical excision, stapling or banding. It is a single system that offers two procedure options, (Doppler Guided) Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation and Recto Anal Repair (Proctoplasty). HAL-RAR – Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation and Recto Anal Repair – is a new form of treatment for all grades of haemorrhoids, which effectively targets symptoms and prolapse and causes patients only minimal – if any – pain. Comfort and convenience for the patient and surgeon. The new generation TRILOGY combines all the proven advantages of the HAL-RAR procedures with the flexibility of wireless technology. For patients, HAL-RAR offers a safe and gentle alternative to conventional treatment methods that provides effective relief from all the symptoms of haemorrhoids, even in the more advanced stages. Artery ligation and mucopexy of prolapsing mucosa can be carried out in one procedure under local anaesthetic, depending on the individual patient and the prevailing healthcare system. For surgeons, TRILOGY gives you the benefit of Doppler-ultrasound technology with no strings attached. Literally. With a Bluetooth connection between the unit and speaker, you can hear the system’s signals for precise, customised detection of haemorrhoidal arteries while enjoying absolute freedom to manoeuvre the unit and attached probe as required. In addition, the absence of a cable - which acts as an antenna for surrounding electromagnetic radiation - means the equipment is less sensitive to interference and the arteries can be heard more clearly than ever before.