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Espiner Master E-Sac
The Master E-Sac has a drawstring function, but in addition has removable metal arms to help keep the mouth of the sac open. It comes in a wide range of sizes that cover most needs of excisional laparoscopic surgery.

There are three components: a valved cannula, a delivery rod and the sac with a tail and a drawstring:
- The valved cannula comes in three sizes: 10mm, 12mm and 15 mm.
- The delivery system consists of a rod with two flexible arms and a pull-ring.
- The sac includes a security tail which locks into the pull ring of the rod for easy loading and a sleeve on the mouth to house the flexible arms which keep the mouth of the sac open in use; a separate sleeve houses the drawstring.

In use, the sac is loaded into the cannula by pulling the ring on the rod until all the sac is contained in the cannula. Pushing the rod fully home against the valve block deploys the sac completely with the mouth fully open.

Key Features and Specifications

- Automatically opening sac
- Drawstring ensures full closure
- Extremely strong and able to reinforce mouth opening
- Rupture-proof
- Leak-resistant
- Accepts tissue sizes up to large spleen, ovary and kidney