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Frankenman Single Use Circular Stapler for Rectal Prolapse and Haemorrhoids
The ChexTM CPH34HV is specifically designed to maximize the volume of the staple housing whilst maintaining the essential design characteristics of, what has been proven scientifically and in clinical use, to be the most effective device in use for stapled haemorrhoidopexy.

The ChexTM CPH34HV a remarkable step forward in the treatment of haemorrhoids, ODS and associated Rectal Prolapse.

The ChexTM CPH32 is also available for stapled haemorrhoidopexy with smaller outside and cutting diameter.

Key Features and Specifications

- High volume housing allows the resection of more tissue
- Max visual feedback by transparent staple housing and staple pushers
- Better access by 4 suture conduits & additional options in tissue manipulation
- Optimum mucosal compression by 0.75mm tissue gap when closed
- Optimizing hemostasis and anastomosis with 32 circumfrentionally mounted titanium staples
- Circumferentially mounted blade assembly pushing ‘Razor Sharp’ steel cutting blade, plus rounded edges to internal housing

- Smooth, ergonomic ‘lip free’ conical design of anvil
- Longer ‘anvil rod’ of one piece construction
- Unique ‘cutting’ mechanism with circumferential push assembly
- Radical re-design of staple housing allows accurate control of tissue drawn into housing
- Lowered tissue stop to facilitate smooth controllable entry of tissue into suture housing