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CS COMPACT™ & CS COMPACT™ EA Circular Staplers
The Chex CS Compact™ range was developed in collaboration with one of the world’s leading specialist centres in colon and rectal surgery. The resultant range of circular staplers creates devices that make anastomosis of the rectum easier. The CS Compact™ is a SHORT-STRAIGHT Circular Stapler 34.5mm long, that in many Low and especially Ultra-Low Anterior resections will feel right for you.

Key Features and Specifications

- Short-Straight shaft
- Assists in accurate positioning of the stapler within the rectum and eliminates potential pressure points created by curved configuration.
- Alignment of rectum, shaft and firing mechanisms reduces potential for distal end movement during firing.
- Ideally suited for Ultra-low sphincter saving techniques where control and feel are most critical such as APPEAR